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Deer chess app

Deer chess app
game type:
Card strategy
Game size:
35.15 MB
Game language:
Simplified Chinese
Application platform:
Anrdoid / iOS

The game also retains a lot of original gameplay. At the same time, it can also perform certain entertainment competitions and experience various live online competitions. This is a professional development team under the control of an international high-end game company . It is a 1: 1 perfect replica of the offline chess and card room entertainment mode, creating a professional mobile chess and online game platform, honest operation, a variety of Chess and card games at your choice! No snoring for 24 hours, 10,000 people on the same platform, fast matching without waiting, brisk rhythm, it is very good to play when you are bored and free, make friends, communicate and enjoy the moment of the game, come and participate!

Benefit Tips

* The new year version of the game is a big change, the new chess and card game cash red envelopes are competitive, and the real-time high-powered arena is open for free. Join the battle anytime and anywhere to earn it.
* A new version of the special Chinese New Year gift pack is online. Great value gifts are waiting for you to buy. Gold coins, silver coins, and props are available!

game introduction:

1. Collect a variety of popular and popular games, classic and popular gameplay for you to experience, Pai Gow, Niu Niu, Mahjong, Landlord, Fried Golden Flower, Thirteen Water, Texas Hold'em and so on.
2. Super benefits return, login benefits, sign-in benefits, daily lottery, forward welfare benefits non-stop, game coins, items free of charge.
3, a variety of classic arcade games, fishing, eating chicken, football, king, fruit machine, slot machine, video entertainment, blackjack, Dragon Tiger Alliance, etc., whichever you want to play.

Game highlights:

1. Absolutely fair and equitable chess and card playing environment, resist plug-ins and protect the interests of players.
2. Players from all over the country are gathered here. There are 10,000 people online on the same platform. There is no need to wait. Start in one second.
3. The most authentic and authentic offline chess and card room entertainment rules, giving you an authentic and immersive online chess and card game experience.

Game Features:

1. [Simple operation]
One-click download and installation, support WeChat / QQ and other account login operations, one-click start to match opponents immediately;
2. [rich product]
Baccarat / Landlords / Fried Golden Flowers / Pai Gow / 28 Bars / Niu Niu / Fast Running / Evil Eggs / Mahjong, etc. You can choose, there are more exciting video entertainment mobile games, if you are tired of playing, you can also brush the video also Not bad!
3. [Welfare upgrade]
Featured Spring Festival game benefits are being upgraded, and the sign-in bonus is doubled! Members can enjoy recharge and return activities, save money and cost-effective!
4. [Feature Voice]
Turn on live voice communication, and online Lianmai cooperate with the card to win more! Offline dating and entertainment are both right!


Whether you are a real landlord or a QQ happy landlord, if you want to be invincible, you must master the necessary skills of the landlord! Below I will share my humble opinions over the years, if you like it, support it, do n’t like it It can be bypassed. Maybe for the masters who are more powerful, I may be a bit of a fur, but it is still helpful for novices or ordinary players. I will not gossip about it. Let me summarize the following points:

First, the details determine success or failure

First observe the landlord's three hole cards, the size and points of the cards, and then look at how the landlord plays cards and combine the types of cards in his hand to determine the approximate type of the landlord. After knowing the approximate type of the landlord, what should he keep? It's much easier to play cards such as even cards, pairs, or triples. For example, if there is a hole card: Plum 5 The landlord's first card is red peach 5, if this is the case, 95% of the cards may be the landlord's hand (then the landlord should do the opposite, he is The landlord ca n’t just take a 5 and just come out, the details determine the success or failure, so as not to let the opponent see through your card type!); Then the land is mainly not 5, and we do not have 5 According to the permutation and combination, the probability is as follows: 67% are pairs, 29% are three belts one, and the probability of being a bomb is about 3%. Here I will not list them one by one. In short, I hope that the players can learn from each other, and Master will lead the door to practice in the individual. Don't underestimate these three cards, the three cards are enough to let you know about one-third of the landlord's cards!

Second, you are not fighting alone (player position: landlord goes home)

If your cards are particularly good, such as two kings with two 2s, and no single cards, you can easily win with no brains. But in fact, according to the ranking probability, most of the cards are generally dripping, so in most cases, it is very important to play cards. As the landlord's home, it is very particular to control the landlord effectively. Sometimes in order to curb the landlord's check, Dong Cunrui's spirit is needed.

For example: I have a pair of Qs, the landlord plays a single card, I do n’t want to play the house after Q. The landlord directly plays 2, so I see if I have a K and A in my hand, so I can judge: 1. Whether the landlord needs a single Q; 2. If you have a k, then 90% of the family members may have a single k. Similarly, you can use the A in your hands to judge the A in the landlord's hands and the A's hands. After knowing the layout, if you feel that you can't finish it quickly, you have to know how to sacrifice a pair of Qs. (Many players will think so, as long as I pass a certain card, I will soon finish it. To avoid the landlord ’s taboo, sometimes the landlord is just like you, and it also takes a key one to explode.) At this time, sacrifice to split 1 pair Q has two advantages: 1. Prevent the landlord from crossing the Q or even After J; 2, you can let the household A or K pick it up. After picking up, you can make a small order again, and you can block another hand! After such a block, the family can basically run the small card, and the landlord can't let off the small card. The chance of winning can be greatly increased!

Some players have to ask, when the landlord sees the next house to pick up the card, he will grab it back with 2, what to do? But I don't know, the landlord will have a less chance of winning because he only sacrificed the big card, but the small card has not yet Run away, if he has two kings, if necessary, he will even sacrifice a pair of kings to play some small cards. Although he ultimately wins the landlord and his elderly, but for us, losing less is also winning! This method keeps up! As mentioned in the first article, it is necessary to use it flexibly, bypassing by category, and inferring others!

3. When it's time to take the shot, take the landlord and "force him to Liangshan."

Sometimes we get such cards, one part is very good, the other part is particularly bad, such as a 667788, KKK, a pair of 2, but only 3, 4, 7, 9, 10, Q, A, etc., very Obviously, it was not easy for him to run away. At this time, he found that there was one or even two kings in the landlord's hands. If he played according to common sense, 80% of the results were lost, then he should take the shot, be aggressive, and make the landlord confused. Many people said that if the landlord billed me, I would place 2 and he would surely be frightened, so he opened the big and small kings. Then you are wrong! (Of course, some more impulsive landlords are not ruled out.) The landlords who are slightly experienced here are generally not confused by your illusions, so you lose the chance of a blog. I usually play cards like this. Although I can't finish myself, I want to create a chance for my teammates to win.

Live a small order. I went to the home with the landlord and followed me to a small 9 o'clock. After a circle, I came out with a Q, k, or directly 2! I ca n’t make too many single cards here, at most. 2 laps; the landlord will think that you do n’t have a lot of chances, even if you have a single card, and you will have a paralysis. You will come out. I think you may still have a small card to run. This place is the key. Bring a Q, and then deliberately consider playing another 2 points. Although you still have several cards in your hand, and it is a card that can't be played, such as 3 and 4, the landlord will be wondering how to resist I ca n’t keep it, because I think that the cards in your hand are almost the same. The landlord will want to endure it or just blow it up, or for safety reasons, the two kings dismantled. There are a total of 3 cases. At this time, the landlord is very contradictory if the deck is normal. The landlord will think, "Well, I passed a 9 point and didn't like me. Then I took a Q with 3k. The remaining cards must be very The whole land, soon ran and even lost it. Most experienced landlords will consider winning the card as the most important thing, and will choose to blow up or dismantle the king. At this time, the landlord loses, and the loss is doubled. The second chance is that without the bomb, it is easy to compete with the landlord in the case of going to the house with a few single cards. The winning balance will tilt to you.


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